Lelia Berry Memorial Goat Show

Hello Goat Friends,

Lelia Berry Memorial Dairy Goat Show is on Sunday 24, 2011 @ 8AM SHARP! One of our judges needs to get back on a plane to return home at 6PM, so we must get started on time.

These counts are from entry forms I’ve received. There are still other entries expected so please contact me if you need more details. Also tomorrow at Abby’s Pizza in Central Point at noon you may join us to do an early check-in.

Alpine Sr. 9                                                         AOP Jr. (Togg, ND, & Alpines) 7

LaMancha  Sr. 11                                              LaMancha Jr. 10

Oberhasli Sr.      0                                              Oberhasli Jr. 0

Nigerian Dwarf Sr. 5                                        C-AOP

Nubian Sr. 4                                                        Nubian Jr.  8

Recorded Grade Sr. 0                                     Recorded Grade Jr. 0

Saanen Sr. 5                                                       Saanen Jr. 6

Toggenburg Sr. 2                                              C-AOP

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