RVDGA CLub History

A Little Bit of History

The first Dairy Goat Club in the southern Oregon region was the Southern Oregon Dairy Goat Association (SODGA). In the late 1960’s into the early 1970’s this group slowly became few in numbers and when it dissolved completely they donated their entire library of dairy goat books and information to the newly forming Rogue Valley Dairy Goat Association (RVDGA).

RVDGA began in the early 1970’s. In these first years of RVDGA the constitution was written and they in the old 4-H building in Medford, Oregon. Later the club rented the Roxy Ann Grange had to hold its meetings. As time went by the associations decided to meet in at different member homes each month. This gives the members the opportunity to share their homes and their herds with the entire club. By 1976 the association sponsored a large Dairy Goat show called the Rogue Memorial Classic. This show was always on Memorial Day weekend at the Jackson County Fairgrounds, Central Point, Oregon. This included separately sanctioned Senior Does, Junior Does and Bucks. The long weekend was attended by many goat breeders from Oregon, Idaho, and California.

Over the years RVDGA has seen its membership rise and fall. The current membership is about 12 members. The annual Dairy goat show is now a part of the Jackson County Fair in July. It is a two ring, double sanctioned Senior and Junior Show. RVDGA also sponsors a show during the Josephine County Fair. Please see the event page for details on the shows.


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